robin's website

a fine example of function over form

hello. welcome to the extremely rudimentary website of a person that doesn't know that much html or css.

let's start with what you're here for:

if you're here for my xmpp address, that's (please use pgp or omemo)

if you're here for my matrix address, that's (please verify your clients)

if you're here for my telegram, that's @gnurobin.

if you're here for my fediverse presence, that's

if you're here for my vidlii page, that's robin99.

if you're here for my peertube page, that's

i think that covers all the useful things. now onto the boring part: the part where i talk about myself

i like to call myself robin. i'm agender, which means i use the pronouns they, them, their, they're and theirs. i'm anti-surveillance. i'm pro-freedom (and pro-free software). i have interests in software, hardware, programming and video games. i'm left-lib. i'm allergic to sentence casing. i usually spend my time talking to people or playing old video games nobody cares about.